Yes, I am new here!

I’ve been reading around at WordPress under “are you new here?” & one of the suggestions was to “Write a power sentence for each year of your life”:

“For each year you have been alive, write a single sentence about the most important thing that happened to you that year.

If you don’t want to get too personal, write a sentence about the most important historic event, or event most interesting to you, that happened in the world that year.”

I think that sounds like a GREAT project! I like the idea of journaling, but have never been too good at it. Hmm, I wonder if this could help? But I’d better get started before another sentence is added to this assignment!


About tycobeans
I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

2 Responses to Yes, I am new here!

  1. I am new to your blog but would like to subscribe by email nor RSS feed, Do you have a subscribe by email widget?

  2. tycobeans says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I need suggestions as I am just getting started!

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