They Like Me, They Reallly Like Me!

This awesome blogger has bestowed me with The Liebster Award!

(I think you know why)

Here are the rules for this award.  Upon receipt of the award, one is to: 1) Link back to the blogger who gave it. 2) Paste the award on the blog. 3) Choose 5 blogs to pass this award to (they must have fewer than 200 followers). 4) Let the recipients know about their nomination by leaving a comment on their blogs.

What blogs do I find amazing? duh! Not only is she here to educate us, but I dare you not to laugh. Someone close to my heart. An Ethiopian Woman commenting on her world, which I want to keep forever in my mind. Because I love hearing about life as the “outsider”! An American Family living & serving in Ethiopia Because I’m not blind

(and you thought they’d ALL be about Africa??)


About tycobeans
I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

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