Big News For Parents! (you can thank me later)

I’m about to make a Major Revelation on Childrearing. Listen up!

Do you want to have well-behaved children?

Do you want kids who know how to behave & what is expected of them?

Well, You’re in luck! There is one thing you can do! It’s so easy!


That’s it! Tell them!

Okay….some of the time they won’t listen. Sometimes they’ll challenge you, toe the line. Sometimes they will even embarass you & you will contemplate abandoning them right there at the bank & pretend you’ve never seen them.

But seriously, if you don’t TELL THEM how to behave, how will they know??

I work at an elementary school. Last week parents were coming in & waiting for long periods in the hall. Many of them had small children with them. Most of those had something to occupy those children. Mostly they were encouraging their little ones to behave. Some were more successful than others, but all-except one- were tolerable.

There was this one little girl, no more than 2 years old, who was wreaking havoc! Running, screaming, kicking things, banging into things & people. She wasn’t having a temper tantrum, she was having fun. At one point she went into the Boy’s Room & I could hear her in there banging doors & yelling. Oh! Finally! Her mother walks by.

“Excuse me, there’s a little girl in the Boy’s Room. Is she your’s?”

“Yeah. What can ya do?”

What can you do? What can you do? Uh, TELL HER TO GET OUT? TELL HER TO BEHAVE??


About tycobeans
I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

4 Responses to Big News For Parents! (you can thank me later)

  1. LeahLeah says:

    That is a revelation indeed!!! Kid’s behaviors have been on my mind a lot lately. I am constantly telling my children what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. Sometimes they listen. . . most of the time they don’t. I’m hoping SOMEDAY the message will sink in. Until then, I’m hoping other parents will have grace with me for at least trying. Nothing annoys me more than someone being naughty and the parent just sitting there doing nothing. Now, if the parent is trying to correct, the behavior, that is something I can respect.

  2. tycobeans says:

    Exactly! That’s my point…they might not *do* it, but they will know…If you don’t tell them, they won’t know!

  3. ranton2011 says:

    Thank you! Why wait til later to do it? Umm I hate to say this but I think you meant this to be a “revelation”. :)!

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