Call the 1 800 #

Have you ever called a company to complain? Probably! I try to remember to call when I’ve been exceptionally pleased as well. I have a very good friend who has a really crappy job. She is (& has been for a long time!) over-worked & under-appreciated. She is a nurse working very long hours at a bad nursing home. The following was posted by her on Facebook:

For the counter to the bitching about my work, here is an account of a VERY true story. Tuesday, I come in and my patient with alzheimers and a fractured femur, with not his original knee or hip is trying to get on the toilet himself. I go in and assist him. While we are in the bathroom he is annoyed, because he just doesnt get why I wont let him do this stuff by himself. I speak to him, as I alwa…ys do, we come out and as I shut the door I see a man standing by the end of the mans bed that I have never seen before. He says “Can we videotape what you just did?” I say “well, I think its kind of a violation of his rights to film him using the bathroom.” He responds, “I mean what you just said in there” I was like “what did I say?” He says “I have NEVER seen anyone talk to my father like that here before.” Now I am so confused. He continues on to say, “I think that the way I just heard you in there with him should set the standard for how the people here are  treated” I say, “Thank you, but I dont think I did or said anything out of the ordinary, I just try to think, what if he were my dad.” He continues with praise, I say flippantly, “wow, can you tell my boss, I dont think she likes me very much, but I dont care, what matters is that YOU and your father do” He says “well, I know my dad does, he talks all the time about the ‘Gal with the ponytail’, so I guess thats you” Then he says he wont tell my boss, he is going to email Dave (the administrator of the whole hell hole), he made sure he got my name off my badge. Curious to see if he does, I know the son in law was in last night and he mentioned the whole exchange to me, but I am curious to see that if Dave does get an email, if anyone SHARES that fact with me.

She’s got a lot of (valid) complaints about her job, I’ve told her maybe she is there because someone there NEEDS her. I REALLY hope he sends that email!

(this was so touching that i really wanted to share it)


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I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

One Response to Call the 1 800 #

  1. ranton2011 says:

    Thanks for sharing. That touched me more than the son saying he was going to write the email.

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