Knife Point

I was just telling someone this story & it occurred to me that it may make a good post…people always seem to appreciate me sharing this story in real life.

When I was sharing it recently, it was because we were talking about following “promptings” from God.

I grew up at the end of a dead-end street. There was only one more house passed mine, & it was actually in the woods. So at the end of my street (the pavement ended at the edge of my yard) there were 5 acres of woods.  On the other side of the woods was a shopping center.

(and, yes, I DID just look on Google Earth to assure that those woods are still there & haven’t “developed”)

Much of my childhood was spent in those woods. My friends & I had names for many spots…Hamster Heaven, Frog Hill, The Trail, Zenith… we spent countless hours there. And as a teenager it was much faster to cut through the woods whether I was going to the store or walking to school.

One evening I needed something for my homework & I walked up to the stores through the woods. It was approaching dark, and would be full dark when I walked back. I decided to grab a steak knife on my way out the door.

this is something I had never done before, or since

So, on my way back home through the woods, I decided to carry the knife in my hand.

Maybe it’s because I was imagining hearing footsteps in the leaves behind me.

But by the time a pair of hands was covering my face & a body was forcing me down from behind I forgot I had it. We struggled, I got kicked in the face a few times. Then he was on top of me, pulling my pants down. That must have been when I stabbed him in the neck.

When I remembered the knife was when he had me by the wrists & was trying to control my hand, using it against me. My wrist got cut, but I never felt it.

Finally I started screaming & he took off.

Within 2 or 3 minutes I was home. I was hysterical, I had peed my pants.

The guy was easily apprehended, because he sought medical attention for his neck. He claimed he was mugged.


About tycobeans
I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

5 Responses to Knife Point

  1. ranton2011 says:

    And I will never forget that, I will also never forget how MY father was getting HIS OWN posse together to get him some “street justice” and he had a campaign of info acquisition from some drunk cop friends. But when you got drunk cops, you get drunk cop info.

    After me and the naked guy at Dunkin Donuts, I kept a GREAT big filet knife along side the stick in my truck. John woke up from a drug induced coma when that happened and even though he was incapable of SPEECH and keeping upright, he called as I was on the phone with the cops, and he somehow managed to drive the other car and come get me. Odd, those two events, yours and mine, made me believe some do have psychic intuition,

    The results of both incidents (as my guy was QUICKLY apprehended, turns out he lived VERY close to me) proved to me that our justice system, well, lets just say it has some flaws that need fixing. Especially when it involves the attempted sexual assault of “helpless females”. If I had a knife I would have used it. I was just glad that it was ME that he approached and not one of the younger gals that would have normally been there at the time, When he got out of his car and toward me, naked from the waist down, I had the presence of mind to, even make it OBVIOUS that I was getting his plate number, even TOLD him so, and added the make and model and YEAR of his car. Yet he still came after me. The surveillance video, the camera was installed just prior, SHOWS him within Millimeters of grabbing my shoulder as I pounded SCREAMING “Help me!” to the baker inside, when he opened the door and saw what was happening he grabbed a crate and threw it at him. He ran. The cops got him within minutes with a car full of porn and he admitted he had just “asked a lady for a phone, someone was chasing me.” The Friday before I was to testify against him, the DA called and even though I was SUMMONED I would not have to testify. He plead to some ridiculous nothing. When I asked “WHY?” They said because he had an identical twin. When I mentioned his proximity to my home, they said he wouldnt be allowed within 500 feet of me EVER, yet refused to give me proof. Before the court date I would see him in Mcdonalds, down the street from me EVERYTIME I went, He would sit and stare drooling at the kids in the play area. One day and it was my last visit there, I made a HUGE scene about who he was, what he had done, and how I awaited prosecution. They requested I LEAVE. Nice. And I told the DA that I was leaving the state AFTER they refused me the 500 foot thing. All I wanted was for this guy who was 21 years old, to have to register as a sex offender, so that it would make it hard to be around children. That did NOT happen.

    • Kimberly Johansson says:

      Wow, I seem to remember pieces of this. I think the system is even more disgusting than the perp/perv on this one, if one could even imagine such a thing. Thank God you were spared too… ❤

    • tycobeans says:

      T, do you realize that both of these guys were given to go-ahead (by the Justice system) to offend again?

      • ranton2011 says:

        Yes, and I so looked forward to the ability to at the very least see the guy with me, get labeled so that working in a school, or whatever would not be possible. I doubted he would do any time, just wanted to see kids protected, I planned to testify that I had seen him repeatedly like drooling while parked in Mcdonalds watching the kids play.

  2. Kimberly Johansson says:

    I remember this, and I’m so glad you listened to that ‘prompting’… ❤

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