Stupid Dog Can’t Spell

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Many moons ago, when I first was married, I got a puppy from the pound.

He was so cute. He was  so easy to train. He was so smart.

We thought it was cute when we taught him to go get his leash. We thought it was funny when he’d go crazy hearing those  words, “go for a walk”. A baby later, & we realized it wasn’t really that funny. It was annoying.

Like I said, this dog, Tyco, was smart.

Besides knowing the phrase “go for a walk”, he actually learned to hear the word “walk” in conversation. Sooo, we started to spell “W A L K” when ever we said the word. Guess what? He learned that too. So it became just “W”. Which (you see where this is going??) he caught on to.

Sheesh dog!!!

Eventually, “W” morphed into “Q”. Tyco did not catch on. Maybe he just got old. But we were safe saying “Q”.

We still use “Q” today, even though Tyco has been dead for 5 years. And even though our current dogs cannot spell. (although I wouldn’t put it past Twisty….but she’s such a follower, if BamBam doesn’t do something, she doesn’t either.)



About tycobeans
I'm a mom of 3, two bio teens & a little princess from Ethiopia. We have lived all over, but are now settled in Utah. Mostly I'll be sharing about our family life, I hope I have something to say that you enjoy!

2 Responses to Stupid Dog Can’t Spell

  1. dovess777 says:

    “Q”te story. ;o}

  2. ranton2011 says:

    You were the one that told me, not to get a smart dog. They get into too much trouble when they are not “engaged”. Never knew poodles were known for their intelligence, thought they were like just “pretty”. Sasha, I expected was gonna be dumb. Nope. She figured out the use of drawer knobs open the drawers, and when you wrap your mouth on them, you can open every drawer, use the open drawers as a ladder to get to the top of the counter.

    She is only half poodle, but she is pretty much, twice as smart as two of them.

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