Just Who Was She Looking For?

A few days ago was Playgroup.

It’s an adoption group.

It was one of the first nice days, & we were going to a playground (instead of a fast food place). Because it was Spring Break, and because my son’s friend lives very close to this playground, Ponyboy was with me.

We got out of the car, & there was a sea of kids!! (a sea of white kids) I looked around for my group, & not seeing it, I told Ponyboy (who normally doesn’t come & doesn’t know who’s in our group),

“lemme know if you see any brown kids.”

Addis pipes up:

“yeah! & let ME know if you see any WHITE kids!”


But Where did the Bear GO?

I took Addis to see the Pixar movie Brave. We were lucky enough to have Ponyboy go with us too. The movie was better than I had been expecting, & Addis was enthralled by it. That is, up until the end.

In books & movies, I like the plot to be plausible. I think Addis does too.

If you haven’t seen the movie, & plan to, be aware I’m about to spoil the ending!

The mother turns into a bear. A very big, and at times ferocious, bear. Addis kept whispering “who is dat bear??”, like she needed it confirmed again and again that the bear was the mom.

At the very end, the princess is hugging the bear & crying…and…the bear turns back into the mother!!

Yeah…Addis didn’t buy it.

“Where dat bear go?”

I explained it to her, that the magic turned the bear back into the mother.

“No! she was holding dat bear. An the bear was GONE. Where dat bear GO?”

I explained it again. I told her to ask Ponyboy.

“Addis, mommy’s right. If you don’t like it, maybe you should write a letter to the editor.”

The whole way home we are listening to these complaints. Finally, at home, she says “When are we going to send dat letter?”


“Dat letter! We gonna send a letter to the lady dat sold us popcorn!!”

View From the Carseat

Recently Addis has been asking to use my phone camera. As I was going through the dozens of pics of a shoe on my camera, I found it harder & harder to delete them. It is cute to see her view of the world! Here are a few:

Is this pic of the water or the friend? I’m not quite sure, but this pic is #4 of a series of 18.

This might have been a good shot…we’ll never know. My guess is she was holding the phone backwards!

Another friendThere are also at least 4 dozen pics in the series we’ll call “Addis’ legs/feet while buckled up”.MommyI suspect I will be adding more of her pics in the future. Geesh, everything this girl does makes me smile!

Llama Drama

Have I mentioned that my Little Princess can be quite the Drama Queen? (and, No., it has nothing to do with me referring to her as a “Little Princess”) (in fact, if she heard that, she’d be correcting me. She’s not “little”. She’s “big”, she’s 3 now.)

Jasmine & I were looking at something on the internet. I no longer remember what, but at the time we were very interested & getting into a good discussion about it. Poor little Addis was being ignored. She wanted me to go upstairs with her, but I was busy ignoring her & focusing on Jasmine.

She tried, several times, to convince me that what she needed me upstairs for was important & she was tired of waiting! No avail.

What’s a Princess to do? Literary recitation.

“Llama Llama Red Kajama, waiting waiting for his mama! Llama Llama Red Kajama weeping wailing for his mama! Mama Mama run run run!!”

THAT got my attention!

Time Machine, get your’s today!

The kids I work with are always asking me questions. On ocassion they are actually ON topic! But mostly….

Often I can’t remember the question a half hour later. Often the questions are just them being nosy. Sometimes the questions are REALLY good!

  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • How many times can we go to the bathroom?
  • Will you come to recess with us?
  • Do you know my teacher’s name is Janine?
  • What kind of a car do you drive?
  • Can you bring your kids with you tomorrow?
  • Where else do you work?
  • Do you dream about us?
  • Why does Jason have a spatula in his pocket?
  • Are you giving us stickers today?
  • Is there such a thing as a time machine?

Believe it or not, I get the Time Machine question a lot. Like, usually once a week! They’ll do this though. Get an idea & the topic will come up every day for a month. So I finally started answering the Time Machine question.

“This word isn’t as hard as it looks, just cover the ‘ion’ at the end, & sound it out!”

“Yeah, but, Mrs. S, is there such thing as a time machine?”

“What sound does it begin with?”

” ‘ch-‘, but is there?”

“is there what?”

“a time machine”

“*huff*” “Yes. It’s called your life” “what sound does the next letter say?”

(yes, this post is totally irrelevant! but I hear this every. single. day!)


I guess I’m a bit late getting on the boat, but April was Child Abuse Prevention month. There are pinwheels around town, both in people’s yards and at businesses. I’ve heard some people comment or ask about them. Okay, now what? I think we know that it affects many children. We are all sad when we learn of it,

There’s a boy in foster care who I’ve watched grow up. He’s been there for a little over a year now. When he entered the system (this time), his father was alive & intended to be reunited with him.  About 2 months later he died, leaving this little guy with no family.  Two years earlier his mother had died.

When I moved into this neighborhood, this little guy was a newborn. At first we were friends (more or less) with this family. Over time that disintegrated…but we kept up ties because we were very concerned for this child. This is a family that had no end of drama, & an excess of bad judgement. In fact, this Boy was the reason we kept up any relationship with these people.

Over the course of 7 years, each of the parents spent time in jail. One parent had on-going health/pain issues with compromised their ability to care for, and over time about, this child. The other parent was violent. Both had addictions. As a neighbor I tried (as did many of the neighbors) to keep tabs on him. Note when he missed school, was it for more than a day? If so, get one of us to put our eyes on him to see if there was signs of abuse. We(the neighborhood) and me personally, called DCFS several times over the years. Sometimes there was follow-up that we could see. Twice he WAS taken from the home. But we dropped the ball many times. Often, when you report something to DCFS, you are left with no feedback & the questions they ask you leave you feeling that it was a waste of time.

IT IS NOT. PLEASE PLEASE! If you see or suspect abuse or neglect, CALL! The only adults in this Boy’s life were not advocates for him. Maybe you’ll call on someone who will find it a hassle & uncalled for, BUT, perhaps it will be someone like the mom of this Boy & they NEED another advocate.

Right now this Boy is in a foster family. They are not going to adopt him. The family he was with 3 years ago very likely would have adopted him, but his family got their act together just long enough for him to return before spiraling completely out of control. The good news is, he was just on tv, on KSL’s Wednesday’s Child. The social worker told me there had been some inquiries about him. The bad news is, it took over a year for him to get there, & isn’t going to be in a permanent home before another several months go by at best. He has a LOT of baggage & isn’t likely to be “matched” easily. This is a wonderful boy who has done nothing wrong, other than the situation he was born into.

So, about the pinwheels… I am glad that people raise their awareness. It IS around us if we know where to look. But then what? I wish there was a check list. I wish when I was a younger adult that I better recognized a neglected child & knew what to do. The awareness is great, but what do we DO?