Box Braid Tutorial using Micro Braids

I took some pictures while doing hair today, I’m hoping that I can use them to explain how to do synthetic box braids.

This is the hair, I like using the “curly” braids, the ends don’t have to be secured.

HairsyntheticbraidsI use two strands together…but the strands on the left are one strand of the braid, the strands on the right are another strand of the braid, and then Her hair will be the third.

hairboxbraidThese synthetic braids are often crocheted into corn rows, but I’m not talented enough for cornrows! So we do box braids. She’ll have about 45 when we’re done. It might look better if the boxes were even smaller, but Addis’ hair is very fine & if I make them much smaller there isn’t enough hair to hold them in good.

hairbeginingbraidThe synthetic braid just gets wrapped around Her hair. The first few times I used tiny bands, but they didn’t help much.

hairbraidingJust braid them in. Really simple. You’ve got to keep them tight & smooth, but if you can braid you can do this. Keep braiding down, using 2 strands together as each strand of the braid + the Hair, until you’re a half inch or so from the bottom of the natural hair.

hairsplittingbraidWhen you get close to the bottom of the natural hair, split one of the braid strands away & add it to the strand that is Her Hair. Now you will have 1 strand that is really 2 together, 1 strand that is 1 tiny braid, & 1 strand that is 1 braid & natural hair. Braid it keeping those ends tucked into the braid as much as possible. Braid all the way down.

That is it!

After a few days, the braids start coming apart, but usually don’t reach the natural hair until they’ve been in 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll braid them back down again, or maybe she’ll have curly ends.

And then after about 2-3 weeks, I’ll start re-doing sections, keeping this styling in for 4-6 weeks.

Good luck!!




Sunsets are Best at High Tide

Sunsets, taken in my Dad’s backyard in SC.

Went to the Salon

We (Addis & I) recently spent quite a bit of time in the south. I think it was good for her to be there, where there are just as many black people as there are white. And, she got to go to a black hair salon & get her hair done, several times! She also spent a week in daycare there, & one day when I picked her up one of the caregivers had done her hair! Yay!

View From the Carseat

Recently Addis has been asking to use my phone camera. As I was going through the dozens of pics of a shoe on my camera, I found it harder & harder to delete them. It is cute to see her view of the world! Here are a few:

Is this pic of the water or the friend? I’m not quite sure, but this pic is #4 of a series of 18.

This might have been a good shot…we’ll never know. My guess is she was holding the phone backwards!

Another friendThere are also at least 4 dozen pics in the series we’ll call “Addis’ legs/feet while buckled up”.MommyI suspect I will be adding more of her pics in the future. Geesh, everything this girl does makes me smile!

Have Dessert First


Last Thursday was Groundhog Day. I missed it. Yes, as a matter of fact, I was re-living another day. 365 Days previous was The Day My Mom Died.

I got very little done last week. No laundry. Kept falling asleep. Really don’t have a clue how dinner got done. I had other obligations too that I let fall through the cracks. And, man!, did I have a headache.

A friend of my Mom’s occasionally “tags” me in a pic on FB that have my Mom or the beach in them. The beach was her favorite place to go. She’d smear some jelly & peanut butter on a piece of bread, fold it, grab a bottle of water, her hat, & a towel & she was gone. It didn’t matter if it was August or February, as long as it was nice enough to walk on the beach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, there were times were getting to the beach just wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately my family lives on the coast & there is lots of Water. Going down to the dock to feed seagulls was an option. The Waterfront Park is a few minutes away, and you can get lunch while sitting outside in the shade. Or just out on the deck. At high tide the river comes up to the back yard. The next door neighbor has a dock, & some summers you can watch an otter playing on it.

Mom was known for (*ahem*, occasionally) playing hookey from work to go to the beach. She was also known for saying “We had better have dessert first, in case we don’t have room later”.

Postcards from Ethiopia

Monkey in EthiopiaEthiopian Woman with kindling

What I did on my Summer Vacation

I have pics to share from Ethiopia. 1400 of them. Okay, not all of them are stellar. I really want to share them…but I just cannot slog through  them all!

Anyway, on our way home from Africa, we stopped in Italy for 5 days. Ah, what a way to end your summer, visiting Bella Italia!, right? well…

The thing is, we keep forgetting we were there.

  • “What’s this picture from?”
  • “When did we have cannolis?” 
  • “How come there a Euro in my wallet?”

The problem is we went on the tail-end of a life-changing adventure. We were tired! (& broke. very)

I feel guilty that we didn’t get more out of it. But, when I DO browse through the pics, we did have fun. Highlights:

  • We put our feet in the Tyrrhenian & Adriatic Seas on the same day.
  • Cannolis
  • visited the tiny town my Greatgrandparents are from
  • ate lots of pizza, in particular, from the little place next to where we lived in Castlevultorno (still don’t know the name of the place!)
  • “So, you want 2 pizzas?” “no”
  • Pompei will never cease being fascinating
  • Europe does a hotel breakfast buffet way more classy than anything I’ve ever seen in the states!
  • gelato
  • Alberobello is THE cutest town ever. Just don’t park. anywhere.
  • we didn’t get robbed this time

I hope my kids appreciate going. If nothing else, we’ll never forget the warning at the hotel: