Those Evil Laws

Being the parent of a Black child means I have to talk to her about some things more intentionally & earlier than I did with my big kids. With Ponyboy & Jasmine, I didn’t have to teach them about racism, about our country’s ugly history, about Native American genocide, about segregation before it came up in school.

(actually, i DID have to, i just didn’t know it)

For Martin Luther King Day, Addis’ Kindergarten teacher read the class a book about MLK. When I picked her up that day, the teacher grabbed me & told me that Addis was the only student who knew who he was & what he did, & she shared what she knew (beaming with pride). Of course, she is the only non-blonde child in the class.

(maybe i’m exaggerating here, there may be a few non-blondes. but you know, alll those white kids look the same)

It started almost TWO YEARS ago when she was racially attacked ( I realized that I needed to teach her about racism so that she knew it when she saw it. So that people couldn’t use words against her, so that she would really know what was going on when ugly people belittled her…I already *knew* this, I just didn’t know that I’d have to start it so early in her life. I didn’t know people were racist against beautiful 3 yr old girls.

So I had to teach her about our ugly past (and present). We started way back in the Old Testament, with the Egyptians enslaving the Hebrews. We talked about The institution of African Slavery in the Americas. The American Civil War took place because enough people found slavery abhorrent & wanted it to end.  We talked about how there are still slaves everywhere in the world today.


We talk about how it is of utmost importance to speak up when someone is being held down. That may mean a child is being bullied at school. It may be a friend saying ugly things trying to be funny. It might be discriminatory laws. We talk about Malala Yousafzai, how she was shot in the head (along with 3 other girls) and how that didn’t stop her from doing what she knew was right to do & now she is changing the world. A teenage girl.


I can make a difference. You can make a difference. She can make a difference. She WILL make a difference.


Shot Dead By Police & I’m Gonna Yell About It

I went to my first protest today!

There have been others that I meant to go to, but couldn’t make it work. This was an hour away, in the cold weather, but it’s a cause that is IMPORTANT to me.

On Sept 10, 14 a young bi-racial man was shot dead by the police for carrying a “sword” in public. It could have been my child.

I carried a sign, I marched, I yelled.

Also, Jasmine joined me!

I Was Lied To

I was lied to.

I was taught that in America everyone was equal.

I was taught that individuals can make a difference when they fight the system.

I was taught that we fixed racism & now we all judged people according to their accomplishments.

I was taught feminism, communism, & talking back to adults was Bad.

I’m trying to re- learn. Dear God, what else did I get wrong?


I had read an article once about how to be happy. Most of it I don’t remember. But one thing always stuck with me.

Leave a good tip.

It said that if you leave a few extra bucks, you’ll soon forget… but it can make someone’s day. In fact it can change their entire work shift, and They will remember. 

So I try to do so.

Today I came across this video, & it gave me goosebumps. Who wouldn’t want to do this?? (or, for that matter, who wouldn’t want to be the server?)

Half Mast

Sometimes, when there’s something particularly tragic in the news, I get obsessed with it. I can’t stop watching. If I’m not watching, I’m googling articles about it. Or talking, continuously, about it.

I can’t imagine how a parent gets up & faces the new day when their child has been murdered.

Especially, if you return home to find your child dead, and it is your other child who caused it.

What do you DO??

What the **** do you DO?


no i don’t want to include a link. the story which is haunting me isn’t even the only one, recently, which could be described as above. 

Acorn Flowers

There had been a bad storm, there were lots of branches down and tree debris. On our lawn were 2 tiny baby squirrels. Baby squirrels are so cute! One was dead. The live one was actively squirming towards us. At first, I cautioned my kids (then about 3 & 7) from touching it. That didn’t last long!

3/29/08 Her eyes are getting close to opening....

3/29/08 Her eyes are getting close to opening. She’s getting very active and making adorable “squirrel talk”. She weighs 112 grams now. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This little squirrel was so cold, I was pretty sure that if we didn’t do something to warm her up, she too would die. She was trying to burrow into our armpits, or other warm places.


After christening her Acorn Flowers, we set up a nest for her in a little dog carrier. I headed up to the pet store & bought some kitten formula and a tiny little bottle. For about 3 weeks we nursed Acorn around the clock.


Then came the day we were driving to NY from our home in MD. We decided we had to take Acorn with us, as she was still getting formula a few times a day! A few hours into the drive on I95 Acorn chewed her way out of the carrier! She was running (jumping, flying!) freely around the car.


The first few days in NY Acorn stayed close by. By the time we were leaving, we hadn’t seen her for a few days. We were sad! As we were packing up, there was a squirrel sighting!! Daddy tried to grab her, but as she grew she had gotten less friendly. Yup, she bit him. I got some peanut butter, smeared it on a long stick & offered it to her. In about a minute Acorn was sitting on my arm enjoying some Skippy.

An Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis...

An Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in St James’s Park, London, England. Français : Ecureuil gris (Sciurus carolinensis) dans la parc Saint James, à Londres. Português: Um esquilo pertencente à espécie Sciurus carolinensis, no St James’s Park em Londres, Inglaterra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After returning home, Acorn decided to make her way on her own. Mostly. For a month or so, if you stood at my front door, you were likely to be ambushed by a hungry squirrel running up & down you, looking for peanut butter. It totally freaked out the little neighbor kids!


On a side note, there is a hysterical squirrel story in the book No Biking in the House Without a Helmet, by Melissa Fay Greene. I highly recommend it.

Please Die

My neighbor has a #$^%&^$ rooster.

(that’s it. that’s the post. Second summer with chickens, second summer with a rooster. Did I mention #$%%^&??)