Children’s Books

On my mind lately has been books. Children’s books. More specifically, multi-cultural children’s books.

The US is quickly becoming more diverse. Besides the numbers of minorities rising, we still recieve immigrants. and there are thousands of people every year adopting outside their race.

One would assume that these children read…so why are most children’s book featuring caucasian charachters (not taking into account animals)?

In my adoption world we often talk books & share with each other new titles we find. Lately in this community there has been much talk about book lists & articles about book lists. So….I pulled all of my multi-cultural books off the shelves & catalogued them. It will take a while for me to review them, and I’ll likely not get to them all! I was pleasently surprised to find out that I have approximately 60!


I love books, I love buying books. I’m always browsing at thrift shops for books. But, aside from what I accidently come across, I have decided that if I know of a specific title (of multicultural book) that I will buy it new, to do my part in the demand for these books. If you have any suggestions for me, please share!


(and some day down the line I might do the same with adult books)


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