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A year ago I was travelling home with my new daughter. What an amazing journey, I (& we) enjoyed EVERY minute of it. Yes, even those last 30 (yes 30) hours of travel. She was as good as it was possible for a 19 month old to be! It did help that on either side of me was an elderly Ethiopian. In particular Yetan on my left helped hold & talk to her.

By the time we arrived in DC for our 6 hour layover I was exhausted…and in bad need of a shower! We practically bathed in the women’s room…I had contemplated washing my hair in the sink. Being Italian I get greasy! By the time we arrived in SLC I really wished I HAD washed my hair.

I couldn’t sleep all night that first night…I was too busy watching her & taking pics! There’s a pic of all the babies in the group together. And the last one is their orphanage clothes. We had to bring clothes to change them into, & the pic is the discarded clothes left behind.


One Response to Homecoming

  1. ranton2011 says:

    Thank you for sharing the building of your family. How beautiful.

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