Three years.

Wow. What the heck were we doing all those years before? I can barely remember not having Her.


Three years ago:

  • I had just returned from Ethiopia after meeting my little girl
  • Although the wait for our Embassey appointment wasn’t terribly long, it sure felt that way.
  • My neighbor had a baby shower for me. I wore a pillow under my shirt.
  • We were finishing up getting that little room ready. Straw colored walls, Pink & green trim, princess blanket (which has always been her favorite), cute pictures on the walls, shelves full of books.
  • Jet lag. Seriously, I didn’t see it coming, it took a long time to recover from!
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures. I couldn’t stop looking at them!

The first pictures we saw of Addis she looked stunned & worried. When we met her, her expression was flat. In fact, she had that flat look to her eyes until she had been home for about 6 weeks.

First dayThis picture is from the first daw we met her.



Just Who Was She Looking For?

A few days ago was Playgroup.

It’s an adoption group.

It was one of the first nice days, & we were going to a playground (instead of a fast food place). Because it was Spring Break, and because my son’s friend lives very close to this playground, Ponyboy was with me.

We got out of the car, & there was a sea of kids!! (a sea of white kids) I looked around for my group, & not seeing it, I told Ponyboy (who normally doesn’t come & doesn’t know who’s in our group),

“lemme know if you see any brown kids.”

Addis pipes up:

“yeah! & let ME know if you see any WHITE kids!”

If I had a Wish

“Mommy, we should have sooo more people in our family”

     “How ’bout we get 2 more sisters & 5 more brudders? “

     “I reeeeeally want a hamster! Pleeeease can I get a hamster? Mommy! I reeeeeally wish I had a SISTER! “

     “I know! We should get a sister! Please Mommy can I get a sister?? A twin sister?? “

     “If you go to a care center, could you bring home a baby?? “

     “What if you find a baby, dat someone leaveded there, and it didn’t have no mommy, could we keep it? “

     “I know! We could put the couch over dere, & then there would be room for bunkbeds & we could get more kids in our family! “

     “How come I can’t have a sister or a mouse?? “

     “If you get a baby, you don’t even have to take care of it, I’ll hold it the WHOLE TIME & give it milk. But not when I’m     getting dressed. “

     “Can we pleeeeease get some more brudders? Izzy has THREE brudders. “

     “I know! We should move & get a bigger house and then we can get more beds & we can dadopt some more kids! “

     “*sigh* I would be soooo good a big sister. “

     “I wish I could get a baby kitten. Or a baby sister.”


Hamster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

US Navy 100118-N-5244H-015 A young Haitian gir...

US Navy 100118-N-5244H-015 A young Haitian girl embraces her baby sister as she watches U.S. military members as they pass by while surveying the area for the best access point. The amphibious dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hear this ALL day.

Every day.

What to do??
Listen, this baby factory is closed. I’m over 40! Yeah, I know it’s been done, but I don’t see it happening here!

Adopt again?? I don’t know! Like I said, I’m over 40!! But is it fair to her? Does she really need another sibling, closer to her age (Ponyboy & Jasmine are 15 & 19)??

(The hamster I can manage…eventually!)

Awhile back, I wrote a post about an 8 year old boy in foster care.

He had been my neighbor, I first met him when he was 4 months old. Due to a very dysfunctional family & his parents’ deaths, he found himself a ward of the state.

Eventually he was featured on Wednesday’s Child, and a couple who had been trying to adopt saw him.  They told me that as soon as they saw him, they knew he was right for their family.

Today his adoption was finalized. I am so happy I could cry.

Before being adopted he was with a wonderful foster family for a year and a half, and has spent the last 6 months living with his now permanent family. I can see how happy he is, and how happy they are together, and am grateful that they found each other.


Door # 2

It is the 2 year anniversary of meeting our Princess. *sigh*
We ARE so lucky. To have Her. That she is smart & healthy. That our adoption was smooth, uneventful, & (relatively) quick. I could go on & on (& will at some point).

Besides all of that, I feel like a gained a world that I wasn’t even aware of. How bored must I have been pre-Addis? Now I am aware & a part of a richer world. A world where, at the playground, I can start up a conversation with a random mom & get hair care tips instead of being by myself. A community (online & for real) who is ready to offer me support & a standing playdate. A deeper, richer interest in civil & human rights. I don’t know, maybe those things were already available Before.

I also discovered Ethiopian food. Oh man, was I missing out! And Ethiopian names. It makes me wish I had them to consider back when my Bios were born. And black children. Did you ever notice how gorgeous they tend to be? Tell me you don’t occasionally feel a little bad for a mom with pale, colorless kids? (not that Ponyboy & Jasmine weren’t beautiful babies) And let’s not discount that whole Going To Africa thing. We got a perfect baby AND a trip to Ethiopia – BINGO!

Seriously, Addis is the perfect addition to our family. But besides just having Her, I feel we’ve been enriched is so many ways!

I am So Easy To Please

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over & over again, there is no use in reading it at all. -Oscar Wilde


I had been in a book-drought. I couldn’t find anything really good. And then, I ended up with 3 winners in a row, & a stack more which are promising.

No Biking in the House without a Helmet

Yes, this is about adoptions. Yes, it’s about Ethiopia. But it is mostly about family…and it is totally hysterical. I kept having to read sections aloud to my family, usually through tears of laughter. I told my daughter that I had to put the book down & send the author a “friend request” on FB, because we were obviously meant to be BFFs! I mean, who else has a Squirrel Story? Good stuff, & some really deep stuff too. Don’t miss it just because your children are all biological. Some of my best friends have only biological children.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I have been meaning to read this since I first heard of it from my aunt. I even suggested it to my book club before I even read it. Or got it! Eventually it DID make it’s way onto our list, via someone else, but as of yet we haven’t had the discussion. Very thought-provoking book. Falls into the catagory of Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know.

Oryx and Crake

I’ve checked this out of the library before. Maybe even a few times! And only just read it. What was I waiting for? Appocolyptic, Biblical, and Funny. In case you don’t know, “funny” isn’t typically something I want in a book. But it was so unexpected! Long story short: 2 friends growing up unsupervised in the near future, the internet is a free-for-all, with easy access to genocide, gang rape, stonings, mass destruction, ect., and leads to the inspiration of one friend’s creation of a new “human” race. Instead of “progress” (whatever that is), Science is now for recreation & consumerism. I was so suprised by this book, I can’t believe I hadn’t read it sooner.

I felt like I hit the jackpot, finding so many good books!