Bella Brown; part 2

A few months ago I posted about hearing the Dreaded Words

Well, today was somewhat of a redemption to that sad remark.

Jasmine has off this week, & spent it bonding big-time with Addis. Lovely! Addis looks at her sister today, with a very sad face, sighs & says “J’min, I wish you was brown”.


I told her, “Addis, sometimes I wish Jasmine were brown too. But I love her anyway, just the way she is!”

The first “issue” that came to mind was race. It was maybe 6 months or so ago when Addis first started remarking on race. And it hasn’t been a lot. But whatever comes out of her mouth is just the tip of what is in her heart or mind. It makes me think she started processing it earlier than when she shared any ideas about it with us.

The next issue is bonding. Bonding is on-going. Yes, from the first day I took custody of her in Ethiopia she seemed to “know” she was With me. (I say it was as if they-the orphanage- told her “this will be your Mommy now”…which I KNOW they actually DID, but she was just 19 months old, being told & knowing it are worlds apart!) As an adoptive parent, you want to make a notch in your belt for each indication of bonding! (okay, maybe You don’t, but I do, so we’re just gonna go with that story)

The other day when I came home from work, I told her “I missed you so much while I was at work! Did you miss me too??”. I often ask her this!, and she often ignores it. This time she rubbed my cheek & said “Mommy I will always always be here”.┬ámmmmelt!!Does it get any better? I’ve had this girl for 18 months. I imagine there will be a time in the future that I won’t be making those mental notches. I don’t know if┬áthat will is something to look forward to or not.

What would I do without this girl? What would our family be without her? Not everyone who persues an adoption finishes with a child. Thank God our’s did, & thank God this is the child given to us. What a gift.