You Dog Dead

A little power can go to your head. Especially if you’re two.

Our little one has been dragging our dog around by her collar. Twisty is NOT happy about it, but does not realize she has the abilty to protest. Addis also likes to announce “Twissy MY dog” as she’s bossing her. (you see where this is going, right?)

This causes arguements with big sister Jasmine, who tries to insist that Twisty is actually her dog.

When Jasmine was 6 months old we got Beans. Beans was the sweetest dog. Ever. A little thing, about 10 pounds, he was a daschund mix. He thought Jasmine was absolutely wonderful. As she (& he) grew, he put up with all sorts of abuse from her. She’s drag him around, pile stuffed animals on him, dress him, tie him to her little bike…all of which he tolerated & never complained about. He lived to be 16, and then we had to put him down. Which was devestating. And, it was 2 years before Addis came home.

Even though he’s gone, Beans is often mentioned here, & of course there’s a few pictures of him around. (ya know, maybe it’s a good thing he’s gone…Addis’s feelings would be hurt because he would be annoyed with her attention, Beans would be frustrated with her, Jasmine would be protective)

So….back to Twisty…. Addis is dragging her around, Twisty is looking miserable, & Jasmine is trying to spring the dog from the domineering 2 yr old saying

“Let go, she doesn’t want to go with you.”

“NO! Twissy MY dog!”

“You have to let her go”

“NO! Go get you OWN dog, Twissy MY dog!”

“Addis, Twisty is My dog.”

“NO J’min! Twissy MY dog! You dog DEAD J’min.”