Llama Drama

Have I mentioned that my Little Princess can be quite the Drama Queen? (and, No., it has nothing to do with me referring to her as a “Little Princess”) (in fact, if she heard that, she’d be correcting me. She’s not “little”. She’s “big”, she’s 3 now.)

Jasmine & I were looking at something on the internet. I no longer remember what, but at the time we were very interested & getting into a good discussion about it. Poor little Addis was being ignored. She wanted me to go upstairs with her, but I was busy ignoring her & focusing on Jasmine.

She tried, several times, to convince me that what she needed me upstairs for was important & she was tired of waiting! No avail.

What’s a Princess to do? Literary recitation.

“Llama Llama Red Kajama, waiting waiting for his mama! Llama Llama Red Kajama weeping wailing for his mama! Mama Mama run run run!!”

THAT got my attention!