McD’s, or, A’Donal’s

We¬† don’t east fast food. My big kids didn’t even know McD’s HAD food until they were in school.

Recently, since the summer ended, Addis & I have been going to McD’s & similar places. Every Fri we go to a transracial playgroup. Once summer ended we started going to fast food restaurants. Lemme tell ya, Addis was a quick convert.

Years ago, I knew a woman who’s pre-verbal¬†baby would melodically rap off a “ba de ba ba ba” when they would pass McD’s. She swore they rarely went, that the baby got it from commercials. “Mm Hmm” I thought. Well I’m thinking that just maybe that was true.

Lately, every McD or fast food place that looks like it has a playland, Addis cries out “Hey der’s playgroup! Me go der! Addis frend der!!” I assume that she envisions her playgroup friends are all gathered there at any given time (& and any given location!) enjoying themselves without her!

I had been trying to not say the name of the place we had been going. But she knows. As we were entering WalMart the other day, she asks (because it’s located there right inside WalMart)

“Mom we go a’donals?”


“Mom why nooot? Addis frens der!”

“No they’re not Hon, there’s no play area here.”

“But Mom I sooo hungy”

“We don’t eat there. Unless we’re at playgroup. The food isn’t good for you.”

“But Mom I neeeeed frech fries!”


Fast Food Nation

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(This wasn’t goint to be a Book review, BUT, Fast Food Nation is on my “Required Reading” list