Times you wish you had a camera

This has happened twice. (not me not having a camera, but the story I’m about to relate:)

I was at WalMart, & saw a pair of Buddist monks. BTW, I live in Utah. I know, right? So I saw a pair of Buddist monks, at Walmart, & when I got home I told my kids.¬† Ponyboy, who at the times was approximately¬†10 or 11 yrs old, doesn’t believe me. Like I often come home with outlandish stories of who I encounter grocery shopping?

On the second occassion, I had mentioned this to a neighbor of mine, who was in her mid-60’s. Guess what?? She was also at Walmart (isn’t everybody?) and SHE SAW THEM TOO! Ponyboy was still skeptical.

That’s it. Hope you didn’t have your hopes up for something more entertaining.