Do dogs need psuedonyms?

I really want to introduce my doggies, since you’ll probably be hearing about them quite a bit! I’m thinking (correct me if I’m wrong) that it is Okay to share their actual names. (hmm, now that I’m thinking of it, their alternative names that we -affectionately-call them at home sometimes, maybe offensive to some less familiar with 4 letter words) BamBam is on the left, Twisty is the black dog. Geesh, I actually had to edit this to add their names!



So I’ve been mulling over what names to use here. I don’t mind people knowing…but what about my kids being out there? I suspect at times I might be ranting about how they are driving me crazy or making bad decisions (uh, not that it’s happened YET) & think it’s really not fair to “out” them to everybody. So it looks like we’re going with pseudonyms.

Me (aka “Mommy”):

H (aka “Daddy”):

Jasmine*, who just graduated HS:


Addis* (aka “our Ethio Princess”):


A little explaination. *”Addis” (pronounced A-Dee-C) was a back-up name in case her Ehiopian wasn’t going to work.

*”Jasmine” has been watching too much Disney lately. Recently our little princess has been going into Jasmine’s room & announcing that the things she finds in there are HER’S. Poor Jasmine has lost most of her stuffed animals & the few dolls that made it through childhood. Well, when she announced her name will be “Jasmine”, Addis announced that was HER name!! Brought our nearly 18yr old angel to tears. Almsot.

And “Ponyboy”? Well, isn’t that just the coolest name EVER?? WHY didn’t it occur to me 14 yrs ago??