Oh, There’s My Blog….

Where have I been.

Where have I been? uh, Did you miss me?
No offense (which I understand actually means “prepare to be offended”), but this IS the internet, I’m not going to tell you where I’ve been & what I’ve been doing.

As you know (yes, You, all 3 of you), I have been silent lately. Ha! Do you believe that? Okay…my blog has been silent lately. First off, my Dad died in the fall. And it was stressful getting back into life once I came home. While I was gone school had started for 3 of my family members! There was the election. I had to expend a great amount of emotional energy not de-friending all of my friends from Facebook because they couldn’t get over the results. Babies. We had some holidays, some traveling, some birthdays, some extended Family Drama.

So, yeah. Blogging was on the bottom of my list. Besides, did you really want to hear me bitch?


Oh, what the hell…

We did go to Disneyland. Finally. It was fabulous.



What I did on my Summer Vacation

I have pics to share from Ethiopia. 1400 of them. Okay, not all of them are stellar. I really want to share them…but I just cannot slog through¬† them all!

Anyway, on our way home from Africa, we stopped in Italy for 5 days. Ah, what a way to end your summer, visiting Bella Italia!, right? well…

The thing is, we keep forgetting we were there.

  • “What’s this picture from?”
  • “When did we have cannolis?”¬†
  • “How come there a Euro in my wallet?”

The problem is we went on the tail-end of a life-changing adventure. We were tired! (& broke. very)

I feel guilty that we didn’t get more out of it. But, when I DO browse through the pics, we did have fun. Highlights:

  • We put our feet in the Tyrrhenian & Adriatic Seas on the same day.
  • Cannolis
  • visited the tiny town my Greatgrandparents are from
  • ate lots of pizza, in particular, from the little place next to where we lived in Castlevultorno (still don’t know the name of the place!)
  • “So, you want 2 pizzas?” “no”
  • Pompei will never cease being fascinating
  • Europe does a hotel breakfast buffet way more classy than anything I’ve ever seen in the states!
  • gelato
  • Alberobello is THE cutest town ever. Just don’t park. anywhere.
  • we didn’t get robbed this time

I hope my kids appreciate going. If nothing else, we’ll never forget the warning at the hotel: